Re: [compositing-1] Normative section

On Sat, 2013-12-14 at 14:54 -0800, Rik Cabanier wrote:
> During last week's call [1] David Baron mentioned that the compositing
> and blending specification didn't declare the mathematical operations
> as normative.
> I went back over when I made this change but couldn't retrace why this
> was done (or who told me to do so).
> I agree with David that this should be declared normative and made
> changes to the editor's draft so those section are now normative [2].
> I also updated those sections to clarify what are notes, examples and
> required/normative behavior.
> Does anyone disagree with this change?
> If not, I would like to ask for another Last Call on the next SVG and
> CSS telecon with a duration of 4 weeks.

Sounds good.

> In addition, I also 
> - removed the paragraph on knockout (per Simon Fraser's request)
> - removed the section on clip-to-self and references to it (per James
> Robinson's and roc's request)
> - clarified section on SVG compositing and ordering of examples and
> figures (per Tav's request)

Examples numbering still skips numbers in Firefox (but not Chrome).
'class=example' occurs both on <div>s and the <img>s inside which
appears to mess up the auto-counting.

Minor editing quibbles:

Add period after: * compositing groups.

<blend-mode> = .... should be broken into two lines so it doesn't run

Third example:
... element is causing ... ->
... element causes ...

In CSS, a background ... ->
A CSS background image or the content of an <img> must...
[<img> is HTML, not CSS]

Question: what about <iframe>, <object>, <embed>?

Subject/verb agreement:

... blend with the element's background layer that is below it ...   OR
... blend with the element's background layers that are below it ...

the element instead -> the element, instead

5. Note:
Shape either exists at a particular point or it does not. ->
A particular point is either inside the shape or it is not.

The note should be divided into two paragraphs; one for shape, one for

10: Blending, example caption:

Note ... lowers. ->
Note how the rectangle is redder where the opacity of the background is


I find the use of <br> in the middle of a <p> makes the spec more
difficult to read; for example, in 3.4.2 between the first and second
sentence. They should be removed or replaced by <p> depending on how
closely the material before and after is related.


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