[fyi] CSS/SVG/FXTF in Seattle from Jan. 27-Jan. 31

All, as you most of you already know Adobe will be hosting both the CSS
and SVG f2f meetings at its Seattle office. The wiki info page is here:

Things to note:
- CSS meets from Monday 1/27 to Wednesday 1/29 inclusive
- SVG meets from Wednesday 1/29 to Friday 1/31 inclusive
- The overlapping day - Wednesday - is held in one room for FXTF fun and
- Joint dinner for both WGs to be held on Tuesday 1/28 near the Adobe

- We have reserved a room block at the Courtyard Marriott nearby; ** this
will be available until midnight PST on 1/3/2014 **.
- Since we will be issuing badges for you to enter the building please add
your name to the participants list on the wiki. (Or if you do not have
access, email me and I'll add you).
 - Do indicate any dietary restrictions you may have.

Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.
Thank you,

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