Re: [web-animations] Web Animations minutes, 5 / 6 Dec 2013

Hello, I know this isnít a diff, and the code might not be correct, but I am really looking forward to this one being completed. My stuff uses a lot of memory which otherwise does not get released. In TimedItem.prototype, something like this:

  // Note that this restriction is currently incomplete - for example,
  // Animations which are playing forwards and have a fill of backwards
  // are not in effect unless current.
  // TODO: Complete this restriction.
  _hasFutureEffect: function() {
      return this._isCurrent() || this.specified.fill === 'both' ||
          (this.specified.fill === 'backwards' && !this._isCurrentDirectionForwards()) ||
          (this.specified.fill === 'forwards' && this._isCurrentDirectionForwards());

Received on Saturday, 7 December 2013 20:39:23 UTC