Re: [css-images][css-compositing] Blurring an elementís backdrop

On Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 3:05 PM, Rik Cabanier <> wrote:

> On Thu, Sep 19, 2013 at 10:08 AM, Dean Jackson <> wrote:
>> On 18 Sep 2013, at 1:05 pm, Dirk Schulze <> wrote:
>> > I suggest adding a new keyword 'backdrop' as CSS Image. This can be
>> filtered with the CSS Image filter()[3] function and blended with
>> background colors or background images and the 'background-blend-mode'
>> property. This would produce results where the backdrop directly behind the
>> element would always be blurry, but around the element it isn't. This looks
>> even nicer on scrolling and other interactions.
>> I think I suggested a separate property: background-filter (I canít
>> remember if I emailed this, or spoke up at a meeting, or just thought of it
>> in the shower).
>> The reason is that I think in most cases you want to draw normally and
>> just apply the effect to the background. There is no need to consider the
>> content of the element to be filtered for this effect. However, the name is
>> a bit misleading because, as you know, it is not filtering the elementís
>> background (in CSS terms), but its backdrop.
I think it's sort of weird that you've removed enable-background from the
SVG portion Filters because it was hard to implement (although IE does a
perfectly serviceable job of implementing BackgroundImage per SVG 1.1
spec.), but now you're proposing to add it again but in a way that means it
can't participate in an SVG filter chain, but perhaps I misunderstand the

>  I've been seeing this effect use more lately. Designers have to create
> it manually or emulate it with CSS filters and careful overlapping of
> elements. Maybe it's time to make it a simple CSS property like you propose.
> All cases I've seen so far, apply the background blur over a rectangular
> region. Earlier in the thread, I suggested that the effect should only
> apply to the shape/coverage area but maybe that makes it too hard to
> implement.

Speaking for Sencha and the types of apps that our community creates, we
want to be able to duplicate the blend/blur styles introduced by iOS7.
Which means that a simple blur is not enough - we need finer control of the
blur opacity/falloff. I did an example of this using SVG filters and
feImage (no BackgroundImage's were harmed in the making of this demo) It
uses a feFuncA to tweak the standard Blur behavior.

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