Re: Transformation matrix interface - pre-multiply/post-multiply definitions

On Mar 7, 2013, at 8:06 PM, Nikos Andronikos <> wrote:

> Hi Dirk,
> I was having a look at the Matrix spec [1] and I believe the definitions for pre-multiply and post-multiply are backwards.
> >From [1]:
> postmultiply
> Term B postmultiplied by term A is equal to A  B.
> From wikipedia [2]:
> post-multiply (or right multiply) A by C" means AC
> Using B and A, as in your text this would give
> post-multiply (or right multiply) B by A" means BA
> And likewise for pre-multiply.
> Could you check please?

One does not simply
define the order of pre/post-multiplication.

Fixed. Thanks!

> Cheers,
> Nikos
> 1:
> 2:
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