Re: Transformed Pointer Coordinates?

On Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 5:20 PM, Tab Atkins Jr. <>wrote:

> Not particularly happy with the naming, but +1 on the ability *so much*.
> I suspect it should go in CSSOM View?


As for naming: should we call the type CSSPoint? Or is it OK to take
"Point" for this? convertPointFromPageToNode doesn't strike me as a great
name but it's probably not worth changing.

There are a bunch of edge cases to sort out --- e.g. nodes with no
associated CSS box; nodes with more than one CSS box; nodes in a different
document; nodes inside a container with a singular CSS transform; etc. I
have no idea how Webkit handles any of those.

In theory one could run into problems using these APIs to convert points
from one node to another, where both nodes are in a subtree whose root has
a singular CSS transform. Converting through the page coordinate system
would lose information unnecessarily. That problem may not be worth
worrying about.

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