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> (2012/05/11 17:47), Erik Dahlstrom wrote:
> ...
>> SVG attributes becoming properties
> ...
>> ed: third issue, certain things that used to be content in SVG are now
>> styleable
>> ... e.g. width/height
>> ... proposed resolution is to just accept that
>> ... implication is that you no longer have to put them in the content
>> ?: Will it be valid not to specify width/height on an element thenkrit
> Two amendments to the minutes here. Firstly, the above was my comment.
> Secondly, in the meeting Erik and I looked this up and width/height on  
> rect are REQUIRED, (not IMPLIED). i.e. if they are not specified the  
> element is invalid. The SVG DTD may need to be updated to support  
> promoting SVG attributes to properties.
> We discussed this in the meeting but it didn't make the minutes.
> Best regards,
> Brian Birtles

In that conversation I also mentioned that in SVG Tiny 1.2 the width and  
height on rect are optional.

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