RE: [Filter Effects][css3-transforms] Using MathML for formulas

It is not as fast as if MathML were supported directly in the browser
but JavaScript performance is getting faster all the time. It also
depends a lot on what browser you are talking about and what device. It
is very fast in IE with MathPlayer installed as it defers to MathPlayer
to draw the MathML. It is much slower on an iPhone, for example. Best
thing to do is try it on a sample page. There are also links to other
sites that use MathJax listed on the MathJax site. You might find some
analogous content.




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This is great! Thanks for pointing this out.

Do you know if the performance is good? Some spec pages are quite long
and I think mathjax has to process all the text.




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You may be interested in the MathJax project ( It is an
open source JavaScript engine for displaying MathML and LaTeX equations
in all modern web browsers and ebook readers. It essentially fills the
gaps in browser support of MathML.

Paul Topping
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