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> (If we follow the painting , from draft spec)
> How the 'filter' property applies to content formatted by CSS (e.g HTML)
> The application of the ‘filter’ property to an element formatted by CSS
> establishes a pseudo-stacking-context the same way that CSS 'opacity' does,
> and all the element's boxes are rendered together as a group with the filter
> effect applied to the group as a whole.
> The ‘filter’ property has no effect on the geometry of the target element's
> CSS boxes, even though ‘filter’ can cause painting outside of an element's
> border-box.
> The compositing model follows the SVG compositing model: first any filter
> effect is applied, then any clipping, masking and/or group opacity. These
> effects all apply after any other CSS effects such as 'clip'. As per SVG,
> the application of ‘filter’ has no effect on mouse event hit-testing.

This all matches what Gecko does, so I like it :-).

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