Re: Fullscreen API

[I’m on leave until Monday so not paying much attention to this thread.]

Ian Hickson:
> > Taking a step back for a moment, can I just confirm that we have an
> > editor for the fullscreen API spec? (Anne?) Indeed, is there a spec
> > yet?

Doug Schepers:
> There is no spec yet.  I would be happy to draw one up (for whatever
> WG it ends up in), just to get things started, but I don't believe I
> have the cycles to take it through completion right now.

I originally had it on my todo list, and handed it off to Anne when he
showed interest.  It seemed like he could get to it before me.

> > Also, is it safe to assume that jamesr and heycam are happy to
> > continue editing the animation spec cited above?
> Last I spoke to Cameron, he was happy to continue editing the spec,
> and we would be happy to have James' help as well.


Cameron McCormack ≝

Received on Wednesday, 9 February 2011 00:33:25 UTC