SVGFilter and ImageData

I have a lot more questions to the editors draft of SVGFilters 1.2[1], I hope we can discuss this in parallel :-)

The interface of SVGFilterElement takes ImageData with apply(in ImageData source). Is this meant to be the SourceGraphic? And the result is written to the same ImageData object?
ImageData doesn't have information about the position of the source, so how should it be positioned into the filter area (especially on using the filter elements attributes x and y)?
Are x,y,width,height of the filter element relative to the size of the ImageData (if relative values are choosen)?
What if the result is bigger or smaller than the ImageData size?
What if the result has an offset (maybe because of the offset by feOffset)?
What about the pseudo primitives BackgroundImage, StrokePaint and FillPaint? We don't have information about this on calling SVGFilter via JavaScript.

Also, do we need the SVG filter element for this? I could imagine that this is used for HTML Canvas, so maybe we can find a way to use the same filters with the same syntax like on CSS for Canvas?



Received on Wednesday, 12 January 2011 20:25:12 UTC