Interaction of CSS Transitions and SVG Animation

On Fri, Nov 5, 2010 at 7:07 AM, Anthony Grasso <> wrote:

> PD: The thing that I was thinking that might cause collisions
>   ... is first off when there are shared properties
>   ... e.g. Transforms
>   ... lets identify those attributes we want to make properties and
>   resolve those conflicts
>   ... I know we haven't done it across the board
>   ... but we've decided it for Transforms at least
>   ... Let's take opacity which is a property
>   ... if CSS is animating and SMIL is animating them at the same time
>   ... will I get a interoperable behaviour?
I don't know.

In Gecko, SMIL applies first, generating changes to animated attribute
values and "hidden" CSS rules on animated elements. Then CSS transitions are
applied on top of that. We refrain from triggering CSS transitions for style
changes caused by SMIL. Therefore, CSS transitions do not affect SMIL base
values. I can't imagine why anyone would want to do it differently :-)

For CSS animations, we could rely on CSS specificity rules --- both the
specificity of animation rules and the specificity of SMIL's CSS overrides
need to be defined anyway. But it's probably better to hook CSS animations
into the SMIL sandwich more directly.

  PD: And in those I don't want to just animate SVG in an ad. Can SMIL
>   animate HTML and SVG?
>   ... we want it to

I don't want SMIL to be able to animate HTML presentational attributes, but
I do want it to be able to animate CSS on any element.

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