Re: FX Taskforce 2D Transform combined specification work

Hi, Sylvain-

Sylvain Galineau wrote (on 11/3/10 9:16 AM):
>>  We should discuss this topic further at Thursday's CSS/SVG meeting at
>>  Technical Plenary.
> Where/when is the meeting ?

As I recall, we had intended to meet with the CSS WG (FXTF) around 10am 
on Thursday.  Everyone from the CSS WG is welcome.

The room is on the second floor, Saint Clair 3B.

Here is the agenda [1]:

FX meeting

     * Discuss outcome of combined animation proposal
     * Filters in HTML
           o Examine Mozilla Proposal / Work
           o Consider <def> <use> architecture
           o Are ‘canned’ CSS ‘effects’ just macros for chained SVG filters?
           o Are there new low level filters needed?
     * Can gradients use this same design?
     * Actions
           o Scope work propose animations, gradients and filters
           o Identify Specification Owner(s)
           o Establish Reachable Goals for Dates and Last Call

Chris would know more, but I think he's not feeling well.



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