RE: How does the svg element handle CSS border and background-color?

> >> I would just say that the <svg> element is considered a replaced
> >> element as far as its surrounding contents are concerned, and any
> >> CSS values set on it apply exactly as if applied to a replaced
> >> element. And note that in some cases those values may also affect
> >> the SVG, e.g. 'color' will inherit into the SVG content.
> >
> > Would this apply equally for both referenced SVG and inline SVG?
> Yes. CSS should be handling both exactly the same. (The SVG, given
> the additional style information, might behave slightly differently
> within its viewport, however.)

To be clear I am referring to the svg element (not object, embed, image, etc...)
As far as I can tell, HTML5 does not consider the SVG element to be this kind of replaced content:
hmm that might completely change the logic my earlier argument/post I made
> > Where would the right place to reference in the most recent appropriate
> > draft of which CSS spec?
> Reference CSS2.1.
> ~fantasai

Received on Monday, 23 August 2010 16:19:46 UTC