Re: [css21][css3][svg] SVG and unit-less length values

Am Donnerstag, den 12.08.2010, 13:58 -0700 schrieb Tab Atkins Jr.:
> This is not at all compatible with CSS.  'px' has a very specific
> meaning, and it is not dependent on the local coordinate system. 

It is. If you use CSS transform, a px is dependent to the local
coordinate system. And will get taller or smaller with scaling the
coordinate system of the objects.
Please look at the example of my last mail.
The same problem in SVG, you can define different units for length in
SVG, but they are dependent to the local coordinate system:

<svg xmlns="">
  <rect width="2cm" height="2cm" fill="red"/>
  <g transform="translate(100) scale(0.5)">
    <rect width="2cm" height="2cm" fill="green"/>


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