ISSUE-3 (WritingMode): writing-mode values across CSS and SVG

ISSUE-3 (WritingMode): writing-mode values across CSS and SVG

Raised by: Chris Lilley
On product: 

>From Sylvain:
Currently, CSS3 Text Layout defines the writing-mode property as taking:

        lr-tb | rl-tb | tb-rl | bt-rl | tb-lr | bt-lr

In SVG1.1, Second Edition [2], writing-mode supports :

        lr-tb | rl-tb | tb-rl | lr | rl | tb | inherit

1) In addition to the inherit keyword, SVG adds shorthand values
for lr-tb (lr), rl-tb (rl) and tb-rl (tb). 

2) SVG also drops bt-rl, tb-lr and bt-lr. 

To make both authors and implementors lives easier - especially in mixed
documents - both WGs should harmonize the values this property supports.

At a minimum, I propose that the CSS3 definition of writing-mode:
        1. Include the inherit keyword
        2. Include the shorthand values defined by SVG i.e. lr, rl and tb.

Received on Wednesday, 7 July 2010 14:56:49 UTC