Archive Structure


It would be prudent to figure out the archive structure before we start 
committing files all over the place in a random fashion. Having an organised 
layout from the start will make finding files easier.

Both the CSS and SVG archives appear to have folders named after the modules to 
group together the files for a specification. This seems like a good convention 
to keep. In addition to the module named folders, the SVG archive has a number 
of other folders that are useful from an organisation perspective.

I propose the following structure for the archive:

   - proposals  [folder for proposal documents]
   - tools      [folder for any scripts and similar tools non-spec related]
   - modules       [folder for the modules]
     - MODULE_NAME     [folder that contains the HTML specification files]
       - test          [folder for the tests relating to the module]
       - errata        [folder for the errata documents]
       - resources     [folder for any CSS, images or examples relating to the 

Questions? Comments? Improvements?


Anthony Grasso

Received on Tuesday, 4 May 2010 08:26:19 UTC