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Minutes 2015-04-08 Steven Pemberton (Wednesday, 8 April)

Agenda 2015-04-08 Steven Pemberton (Wednesday, 8 April)

Regrets for this week's call Philip Fennell (Wednesday, 8 April)

ACTION-2020: Propose what to do if serialization in serialize() fails Erik Bruchez (Wednesday, 8 April)

Minutes 2015-04-01 Steven Pemberton (Wednesday, 1 April)

Agenda 2015-04-01 (Normal time) Steven Pemberton (Wednesday, 1 April)

Regrets for call today (Wednesday, 1 April)

ACTION-2018 - Confirm that min() and max() are compatible with the ones in xpath 2 Erik Bruchez (Wednesday, 1 April)

Community Group XForms report Liam R. E. Quin (Wednesday, 1 April)

A few edits in the XPath Expressions module Erik Bruchez (Wednesday, 1 April)

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