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Is was about to add text to the spec that stated that it is an error to add functions to the XForms or XPath function namespace. While having a look at the XSLT spec I noticed that you aren't allowed to define custom functions in one of the reserved namespaces, nor are you allowed to define variables in those namespaces. It kind of makes sense to me not to be able to add variables to the XForms namespace, maybe we want to add variables in the XForms namespace in the future, and then it is good practice to prevent form authors to add variables to our namespace.

I also noticed that in xslt 'The default namespace of the defining element (see Section 6.2 Element Nodes<>DM) is not used for unprefixed names.' I think that we should also do this, otherwise if people change the default namespace to our xforms namespace the variables will be in XForms namespace (which I think we shouldn't allow).

I also think that we should allow other modules to add restrictions to which namespaces aren't allowed for adding functions and variables into. For example the XPath expression module will prevent adding variables and custom functions to the XPath function namespace.

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Received on Thursday, 21 June 2012 12:23:56 UTC