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XForms FtF meeting around XML Prague?

From: Nick Van den Bleeken <Nick.Van.den.Bleeken@inventivegroup.com>
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2011 15:06:54 +0000
To: Public Forms <public-forms@w3.org>
Message-ID: <BB6ED512-B586-426B-B704-087E72EE92EA@inventivegroup.com>

Who is going to XML Prague[1]? If a lot of WG members are going to this event, we could try and organize an XForms FtF meeting around this conference. There is an XSLT and XQuery meeting hosted around this conference too, so maybe there is interest by those WG groups to do a short meet up across working groups now that we are finalizing XPath 2.0 support and XSLT support for XForms 2.0.

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Nick Van den Bleeken
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1: http://www.xmlprague.cz/2012/index.html


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