Well gang, we had a surprisingly constructive discussion at last week's  
HCG, partly thanks to Art Barstow of Nokia and chair of Webapps having  
polled people in Webapps on what they thought.

XBL has been in CR since 2007, and it looks like it will stay there unless  
someone does something. Webapps doesn't have the implementations, nor  
enough people interested enough to finish it.

The upshot of the discussion was: XForms can take XBL over if it wants.  
Since we have the implementations, we could make the spec match what we  
have, and then take it to PR/Rec. We might be asked to change its name.

The question is: do we have the time and cycles to do it?

Here is the spec:

The minutes of HCG are here:

Art's Poll:


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