xsltforms extensions

  Alain reports this site:

/A (currently branched) version of xsltforms 
<http://www.agencexml.com/xsltforms> aiming to enable support for 
certain enterprise features such as subforms, rich widgets, proxy 
support etc./

/This is an experimental version only; we hope to get some / all of 
these changes merged into the xsltforms core codebase. By all means try 
it out, but don't consider it anything approaching stable. It uses 
horrendously inefficient, uncompressed, full builds of dojo, until such 
times as we get around to cutting it to a compressed dojo profile, or 
just pull directly from the dojo CDN. The uncompressed build makes 
debugging (somewhat) easier. Javascript is also currently built using 
the standard maven plugin, until we migrate it back into the agencexml 
CM format (need to see if they are open to a minor enhancement to the cm 
format that lets us manage dojo dependencies; then we can produce either 
an optimised single file or a multi module build, and tie into the 
javascript compressor apis)./

Received on Thursday, 7 October 2010 23:47:53 UTC