Re: Related to the DOM* events deprecation in DOM 3: could XForms support load/unload?

Hi Erik,

The load event could be a really useful event for us to start talking 
formally about the XForms bootstrap. 
Right now, we have this nebulous and squishy idea of an XForms processor, 
a "super model" of sorts, that kicks off the sequence of 
xforms-model-construct events for all model elements in the document.
In actual javascript implementations, there is the tendency to do this 
kick-off in response to the load event anyway, so it seems to make sense 
to start talking about it as the initiator of the XForms processor.
Similarly, the unload is that which kicks off the process of dispatching 

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Erik Bruchez <>
02/03/2010 12:15 PM
Related to the DOM* events deprecation in DOM 3: could XForms support 


During today's call we talked about adopting the click, focus/blur,
focusin/focusout from DOM Events. I am wondering if it would makes
sense to adopt load/unload [1] as well.

The benefit would be the ability to use a shorter and more widely
known event name.

DOM Events 3 says about load that "If this event type is dispatched,
implementations are required to dispatch this event at least on the
Document node." This seems to imply that an implementation is allowed
to dispatch it to other nodes.

Since that event doesn't bubble, it would be safe for an XForms
processor to dispatch load to XForms models.

One question is at which point in the lifecycle of XForms
initialization would this take place. Would it replace xforms-ready?

I am not 100% convinced that this would make sense but wondering what
people think.



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