Re: Moving Form Events from DOM3 Events to HTML5

Hi Doug,

I'd suggest we have a joint meeting during the upcoming
TPAC 2009 in Santa Clara about this.

I'll send another email to you and would like to discuss the



Doug Schepers wrote:
> Hi, Charles-
> Charles F Wiecha wrote (on 9/22/09 12:33 PM):
>> Hi Doug -- the more relevant reference for VoiceXML is the version 3.0
>> working draft [1] which does use DOM3 events. Charlie
>> [1]
> I stand corrected, thanks... that wasn't obvious from the VoiceXML 
> homepage.
> I'm actually very encouraged that VoiceXML uses DOM3 Events... my 
> previous impression from visiting VoiceXML and MMI events was that it 
> didn't do so.
> I see that VoiceXML uses the DOM event flow model (minus capture 
> phase?), and the Event, EventTarget, EventListener interface from DOM3 
> Events, but I don't see any explicit use of any of the other 
> interfaces or event types.  I do see it has a <submit> element, but no 
> mention of a 'submit' event.  Is that correct?
> We are hoping to take DOM3 Events to Last Call in November, and we 
> would much rather have major issues resolved before then, including 
> comments from the XForms and VoiceXML folks.  So, I would very much 
> appreciate review and feedback of the Editor's Draft [1].
> [1] 
> Regards-
> -Doug Schepers
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