Dreamlab Technologies Testimonial

Dreamlab Technologies AG congratulates the W3C on the release of  
XForms 1.1 as Recommendation. As an early adopter, contributor, strong  
supporter and implementor of XForms, Dreamlab Technologies would like  
to first of all thank the Working Group for an outstanding work in  
developing, maintaining and improving XForms in a remarkably  
consistent high quality throughout several years. Special thanks to  
the chairs of the Working Group, Steven Pemberton and John Boyer.

As a technology, XForms fulfills an important role in bringing single  
XML technologies together into a greater XML framework. From an  
internet security standpoint, an area in which Dreamlab Technologies  
demonstrates leadership, the overall solutions which XForms enables  
will fundamentally be more manageable and controllable than anything  
else in todays world of procedural short-term solutions. As internet  
transactions become more and more legally binding, this is an  
important additional aspect among the various other benefits of XForms  
already mentioned, and Dreamlab Technologies is proud to have  
contributed to this success and will continue to do so.

Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer
W3C AC Representative for Dreamlab Technologies AG
Ulrich Nicolas Lissť

Received on Wednesday, 7 October 2009 12:17:12 UTC