Updated version of the test suite overview report


I've added the partial implementation report of Ubiquity FormsPlayer to the test suite overview report.

I also updated the highlighting of the rows, for not required features only one implementation is required to pass now.

An overview of the tests that need work is:

*         4.2.4.a xforms-model-destruct dispatched after form submission (need one more)

*         8.1.10.a selection attribute of select element (need one more)

*         10.4.f delete action and repeat element (need two more)

*         11.1.v include namespace prefixes attribute of submission element (need one more)

*         11.9.p mailto multipart-post as a submission option (need one more, see e-mail John)

*         11.9.4.b delete submission method deletes a file option (need one more, updated test case)


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