Re: Propose drop of test 11.9.p multipart-post on mailto

That sounds reasonable and I support dropping this test.


On May 5, 2009, at 9:19 AM, John Boyer wrote:

> Dear Forms WG,
> XForms submissions are required to support http and https, where  
> data can be submitted in a variety of serializations such as XML and  
> tag-value pairs (i.e. url encoded).
> Optionally, the specification suggests that if an XForms  
> implementation is to support email, then use of the mailto scheme in  
> the XForms submission resource is the way to go.
> This non-required feature has resulted in some exhaustive testing  
> that appears to be in excess of what the working group membership is  
> able to implement.  In fact, if memory serves, the only mailto  
> support available is coming from the Ubiquity XForms engine.  This  
> is not a bad thing, since we only need one implementation of non- 
> required features.  However, the particular combination of the  
> mailto scheme and multipart-post corresponds to a mail message  
> attachment in a data serialization that uses XML for data and more  
> parts for the various uploads in the data.
> While this variation seems useful and could be implemented by a  
> client-side plugin that had direct access to mail APIs, an  
> implementation of this variation is not available to the working  
> group through any implementation reports.  It does not seem  
> necessary to test this variation in order to prove the basic point  
> that the mailto scheme can be used in the XForms submission resource  
> URI.  Put another way, it does not seem reasonable to remove the  
> suggestion of using a mailto scheme from the specification because  
> one of the variations of using a mailto URI with other features of  
> XForms submissions has no reported implementations.
> Unless there is another implementer who can provide mailto  
> submission in combination with multipart-post method in an  
> implementation report, I would propose that we remove this test from  
> the test suite in order to allow XForms 1.1 advancement to PR.  The  
> test currently numbered 11.9.r should be moved into its place, as  
> this tests mailto with the url encoding, a variant for which we do  
> have a reported implementation.  This would remove the hole in the  
> lexicographic enumeration of the tests.
> Thanks,
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