W3C should say nothing about location of a technology [was Re: Draft minutes for 2009-03-11]

Hello all,

Just a few quick comments on some of the points from today's discussions:

> Steven Pemberton: The design as with XForms is to allow a wide spectrum of
> implementations, server-side, client-side, and in between. So they're saying
> we should focus on server side.

I realise that this is not necessarily Steven's view, but is coming
from the W3C more broadly, as they try to work out how to get out of
the mess that has been created.

However, it would be pretty unusual to start saying where a technology
should be located. What TBL rightly says about the semantic web --
that you'll know it's a reality when things you never planned start
happening -- applies equally to the web itself; if you start saying
where a technology should be used, then you are effectively saying
where it shouldn't be used.

I think we should have no truck with this, and anyone in a position to
oppose it would earn my undying admiration if they did indeed, oppose
it. :)



Mark Birbeck, webBackplane



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