Clarification needed for insert that replaces instance document element

In the insert action [1], the wording of point 8 does not clearly enough 
support the example of Appendix B.12 [2]



In bullet 8, it says "If the target location was the root element of an 
instance, then the cloned node replaces the instance root element."

This wording handles what happens when the context attribute is used to 
indicate the root node of the instance, which is the parent of the root 
element of the instance.

However, when the nodeset binding is used to indicate the root element of 
the instance, as is done in appendix B.12, the target location actually 
resolves to a point before or after the root element in the child list of 
the root node.

To accommodate both cases, the sentence in bullet 8 should say: "If the 
parent node of the target location is the root node of the instance, and 
the cloned node is an element, then the instance root element is deleted 
before the cloned node is inserted."

John M. Boyer, Ph.D.
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Received on Tuesday, 27 January 2009 01:19:10 UTC