RE: RNG Schemas for XForms

Thank you for contacting us.  I did not use the XHTML M12N because I was
unaware of it. 
The pub date on it is 2 weeks before my action was assigned, so it had
not come to my attention.

We discussed the issue at the F2F in Amsterdam in June 2008, and
examined the ATOM RFC for its use of RNC, but none of us was aware (to
my recollection) of this document.

We have no particular attachment to the document I sent; re-use is not
necessarily a goal.  (Personally, I will be working to make sure that
whatever gets produced works well with James Clark's NXML package, but
that's a separate issue.)

So, we would be pleased if you would take on the first draft of the
XForms 1.1 work.  Our XForms 1.2 M12N work is still in progress, and
coordinating with XHTML2 WG on that is beyond the scope of my action;
however, I'm sure the Forms WG would be interested in further
discussions on using xhtml-m12n-relaxng as a base.

The M12N buckets we have been working on are here:

There are some pre-draft documents for the modules as well, but they are
in flux.


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Hi Leigh,
thanks for providing this.

>This message is both a response to the XHTML2 WG request for XForms RNG

>schemas, and request in support of my own action to seek expert help.

I have just started working on updating the draft XHTML2 RNG schema,
including its XForms support. While doing this I will review your work,
obviously targeting reuse. As for your request for a review of design
patterns etc, I am hoping to be able to get back to you with a set of
suggestions quite shortly.

Leigh, a question: while writing the modularized schema that you
forwarded, did you read and/or make use of [1]? In that case, were there
(aside from group patterns that you've already mentioned) aspects of
RelaxNG schema design that you found insufficiently discussed? We are
planning to update this doc as well in the not too far future, and any
input on its nature and coverage is warmly welcome.


Best regards,
Markus Gylling (new XHTML2 WG member)


Forms WG Action 2008-06-18.1
06-18.html#ACTION1> calls for me to produce a modularized XForms RNG

I produced a version of it, based on original work by Micah Dubinko, and
posted it in this thread:

I found I was unable to complete the task because I lacked an
understanding of design patterns for RNG groups.  Accordingly, Action
07-23.html#ACTION3> calls for me to seek expert help.

Additionally, Steven Pemberton today reported that the XHTML2 WG
requested RNG schemas for XForms.

This message is both a response tp the XHTML2 WG request for XForms RNG
schemas, and request in support of my own action to seek expert help.

Attached is a zip file containing my best effort for the XForms 1.2

For historical reasons, this zip file is called

In the zip file is also xforms11.rnc file from Micah Dubinko, with my
modifications for re-hosting the grammar as part of James Clarke's RNC
package of schemas for XHTML distributed as

The original XForms RNC files are from Micah's XFV project, at

When I sent some corrections to Micah, he made me an administrator of
the project, so I will be able to update the project with the results of
this work.

As reported in
Micah Dubinko has graciously offered to let us use the XForms 1.0 RNC
schema he produced, and is prepared to relicense it if we need to have
it under the W3C Software License instead of the Apache license.

This schema for XForms 1.1 is current as of its original publication
date, but XForms 1.1 has changed since then.

Please let me know if you'd like to proceed on this issue.

Thank you,

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