Action: Triage of Firefox and EMC implementation Reports

Triage report for tests NOT Passing in the Firefox and EMC XForms 1.1
implementation reports

Action: Analyze the Firefox and EMC implementation reports to find the
failing tests and feature areas that are common in both reports.

Purpose:  For every successful test case, we can feel fairly confident
there is an implementation for the area of the spec the test case covers.
But if the implementation reports share common failing tests, then the
XForms WG needs to understand if these failures reflect unimplemented
features of the XForms 1.1 specification or some other concern ( incorrect
test case,  documentation error, etc) so we can design a course of action
(e.g. ask implementers to add features, etc) for a resolution.

These results are the common failing tests from analyzing the Firefox and
EMC XForms 1.1 implementation reports.

>From chapter 3:
3.3.1.c3 multiple schemas in a single namespace (
"This case has more than one schema with the same namespace declaration. An
unspecified error must occur. " tests "there is a limit of one Schema per
namespace declaration"

>From chapter 4:
4.5.2.a xforms-compute-exception (
4.5.3.a xforms-link-error (
4.5.4.a xforms-link-exception (
4.5.5.a xforms-output-error event (
4.5.7.a xforms-version-exception (
4.6.3.b event sequencing for select/select1 controls without
incremental="true" (

>From chapter 5:
5.2.7.b card-number datatype - credit card example (

>From chapter 6:
6.1.7.a p3ptype property (

>From chapter 7,
7.5.a error in modal item property causes an xforms-compute-exception (
7.5.b error not in modal item property causes an xforms-binding-exception (
* working in FF2/3 now 7.6.2.a is-card-number() function (
7.10.3.b id() function with xml:id (
7.10.3.c  id() function with xsi:type (
7.11.2.a event() function with binding property (

>From chapter 10:
10.4.a delete action using context attribute (
10.4.b delete action using context and bind attributes (
10.4.d delete action using at attribute (
10.4.f delete action and repeat element (
10.4.g delete action with xforms-delete event (
10.6.1.b case element child of the toggle element precedence testing (

>From chapter 11:
11.2.d xforms-submit with empty instance data and required attribute (
* working in FF2/3 now 11.5.b accessing context information for
xforms-submit-error event (
11.7.1.a method element with value attribute (
11.8.c header element of submission element (
11.9.m mailto Post as a submission option (
11.9.p mailto multipart-post as a submission option (
11.9.q mailto form-data-post as a submission option (
11.9.r mailto urlencoded-posts as a submission option (
11.9.4.a delete submission method (
11.9.4.b delete submission method deletes a file (
* working in FF2/3 now 11.9.8.a serialization as
application/x-www-form-urlencoded (
11.10.a submission response with invalid target (
11.10.b submission response with target receiving text (
11.11.3.a SOAP HTTP binding with get method (
* working in FF2 now11.11.3.c SOAP HTTP binding (
11.11.3.d SOAP HTTP binding with get method and encoding attribute  (
11.11.3.e SOAP HTTP binding with post method and encoding attribute (


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