Test 3.2.4a nodeset with bind attr override

Test 3.2.4a in the test suite claims to test nodeset with bind attr 

But the nodeset being overridden by the bind attribute is on a select 
control, which is incorrect because select takes a single node binding.

It is clear that test 3.2.3d is testing bind override of ref, so just 
changing nodeset to ref won't work in this test (3.2.4a).

Instead, the select needs a ref AND the bind attribute override of nodeset 
should be done on the itemset element.

So, set the nodeset of the itemset to something bogus, but override with a 
bind attribute that connects to a bind element with the correct nodeset 
for the itemset.

It's also odd that this test relies on a submission to complete the test. 
Why is that?  Shouldn't it just be the case that you pass the test if you 
can see the correct items in the select?  Otherwise, you're testing not 
just bind overriding nodeset, but you're testing whether multiselection 
selects work and whether submission with a bind works.  These are tested 
by other tests.

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Received on Thursday, 27 November 2008 19:56:30 UTC