Re: Incorrect type definitions for xforms:dayTimeDuration and xforms:yearMonthDuration

This is the point where I get to complain as working group chair that we 
as a team are not doing a good enough job of producing implementation 
reports that will advance XForms 1.1 CR through to full Recommendation.

How does this relate to the errors reported, you ask?  Well, the problem 
is that this has already been fixed in the editor's draft, and it has been 
fixed for so long [1] that it is becoming hard to remember these things 
are fixed. 


With apologies for using this issue as a platform... It's been too long. 
We *really* need the members of this group to devote more time to 
reporting their results so that we can advance the work we are all 
deploying to the field to W3C Recommendation.  We can't keep living on the 
editor's draft because most people, including working group members, are 
going to the published spec.

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Erik Bruchez <>
Forms WG <>
11/19/2008 09:30 PM
Incorrect type definitions for xforms:dayTimeDuration and 

Both type definitions say name="email", which is obviously wrong:


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