Re: what happens if someone puts a model inside a form tag?

Perhaps, though the main use AFAIK for multiple models in an HTML page is 
multiple forms, which is why models don't talk to each other.

I would expect that an HTML page that contained multiple form tags would 
not require use of the model attribute in any of the forms because the 
(first) model in the form tag is merged with the implicit model.

So this is another bit  of change from current practice in XForms 1.1.

Still, allowing multiple models within a form tag is possible but will 
cause the author to learn the model attribute and will cause confusion 
among people who don't realize that if they have two model that they want 
to talk to each other, then what they have is one model.

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Re: what happens if someone puts a model inside a form tag?

> I think it is reasonable to say that a single form tag should not 
> have more than one model element child.

Mmmh, I think that would be an unnecessary limitation.


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