Re: Today's quick check of ubiquity

Hi Leigh, cat is out of the bag. :)

Have you looked at the wiki page UsingTheLibrary? If not, it's here:


You should be able to just place the reference to the main script in
your document, and then run your document from anywhere.

Note that the script would normally check for the FF extension and
formsPlayer, and if it detects either it won't bother to load
Ubiquity; however, whilst we're developing, we're forcing Ubiquity to
load, so various flags are set in that script to achieve that.

Also be aware that this script loads many other scripts in turn, which
is always slow over the net, due to browser/HTTP connection
limitations. When we've done a bit more tidying up we'll start
providing a snapshot of a script that contains a merge of all the
other scripts, which will dramatically improve the load time.



2008/5/14 Klotz, Leigh <>:
> I hadn't properly created the HTML file reference to ubiquity, so it was
> just testing the FireFox XForms extension.
> I can get the examples from the ubiquity site to work from there, but
> haven't figured out how to deploy my own forms yet.  Maybe Mark or John
> could offer a little help here.
> Leigh.

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