Re: Proposed items for next agenda

Hi Nick,

I've put stars on items 1 and 3, and I'm reasonably optimistic we'll get 
to them on tomorrow's call.

For #4, I had thought we agree to do add variables using the name 
attribute on bind.  This would mean that the streamlined syntax would 
imply binds that also had name attributes on them.  I think the action 
item is on me to start pulling this stuff together, but I'm happy to let 
you take the first run at it, if you'd like.  It would really help me if 
you did...

For #2, I had thought we agree that for XForms 1.2 the MIP attributes on 
UI controls implied binds, not properties of the UI controls, and that we 
would send to XForms 2.0 the notion of doing a better job on attributes 
for the UI controls.  For this reason, I didn't put it on the agenda, but 
let me know if this is incorrect.

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05/13/2008 08:15 AM

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John Boyer/CanWest/IBM@IBMCA
Proposed items for next agenda


Is it possible that we have quick overview on the following items to see 
if a sort of consensus is reasonable, if so I can write some spec text. 
Because I would like to have some spec text ready before the Amsterdam 

 - Specifying initial value
 - Add model item properties to UI level
 - Implied submission with form tag and/or with submit(Allow submission 
elements without model element )
 - (name attr on bind as way to create variables)?


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