Form tag(s), implied model(s)and implied submission


We were a bit under manned on the previous XForms call, but nevertheless 
we decided to make a resolution to add the optional form container element 
to the XForms language. I'm eager to write some spec ready text related to 
"Form tag(s), implied model(s)and implied submission". But just want to be 
sure that the people that couldn't attend the previous call are in line 
with what I felt what the direction on the previous call was.

1) Add a form tag with :
     - required action attribute : Maps to action attribute on a 
     - optional method attribute : Maps to method on submission
     - optional enctype attribute : Maps to serialization  on submission
     - We don't support the following attributes : accept, name, onsubmit, 
onreset, accept-charset 

2) Form element creates an implicit model if no model is present as a 
child. The current model is changed to the first model child of model or 
the implicit model if no model element was present as a child of the form 

3) An implicit submission is added to the 'first' model (can be the 
implied model) of the form element using the attributes on the form 

4) Allow submission attributes on the send and submit elements, the local 
attributes will override the attributes of the referenced submission. When 
no submission is specified the implied submission will be used as a basis.


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