Re: Agenda basis for next week's call

Hi John,

I feel quite comfortable with most of the stared agenda items, except the 
last one related to the Form tag (the second Form tag related item) 
"Explicit models as inner (nested) models of implicit model..." I don't 
see why we need support for nested models. The form-element is just an 
(optional?) XForms container element, and therefore doesn't requires us to 
create a model in canonical XForms. We could just say that an implicit 
model is created when none is specified (In which case an implicit 
instance is also created if no explicit  instance is provided). This 
approach ensures that we can design the nested model construct more 
thoroughly and add it to XForms 2.0. ( Adding a src attribute is more 
straightforward in my opinion, and would be easy to add in XForms 1.2). 
What do you think of this?

I'm not sure if it is required but maybe we can ask the opinion of the 
XHTML working group about what they think of us introducing a container 
element, I don't think this is going to be a problem for hem, but they 
need to make quite big changes to their "XForms module", and we worked 
really close with them in the past ensuring a smooth integration of XForms 
in XHTML (They now have model as child of head, and that could no longer 
be the case because you can have only one head-element and if you have 
multiple form-elements you can't no longer embed the the model elements in 
the head (this would require multiple head elements)). 


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PS: Last Thursday and Friday here public holidays in Belgium, therefore 
I'm replying so late.

John Boyer <> 
04/30/2008 08:27 PM

Forms WG (new) <>
Agenda basis for next week's call

Hi Nick, 

Thanks again for agreeing to chair next week's call. 

Attached here is a text document that can be used as the basis for the 

You should publish the telecon agenda the day before the meeting, near the 
end of your day. 

There are a few instances of "???" that will require  your attention 
before you can publish the agenda. 

1) Link to Leigh's minutes 
2) Link to updated action item list :-) 
3) Any new bug issues 
4) Any new admin issues 
5) Any new future version issues 

The new issues are obtained by examining the public-forms, www-forms and 
www-forms-editor lists. 

Once you resolve the ??? issues, please remove the ??? occurrences before 
publishing the agenda. 

Please also send me an email with the agenda as an attachment. 

During the meeting, please note that I have placed stars next to the 
anticipated discussion items. 
Also, I added bullet points on a number of them to sum up the discussion 
so far and indicate what 
we're hoping to achieve as a resolution (if the issue seems to be near 
conclusion as of now) 

Other than that, relax  and have fun.  It should go smoothly. 

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