Re: DRAFT: Actions Module (XForms 1.2)

Hi Nick,

> I started working on the action module. You can find a first version on [1],
> for the source archive see[2].
> Any feedback would be helpful.

One small thing, and one larger one, from a quick read.

The small thing is that, in the section where you say that there are
two types of events that can be dispatched (XForms events and
user-defined events), you should probably mention that we can also
dispatch events that are defined in other modules, such as SMIL or

The larger one is, should this module not be using XML Events 2 [1],
which includes the conditional attributes, the event() XPath function,
the dispatch action, and more, rather than defining them ourselves?



[1] <>

Mark Birbeck, webBackplane

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