Re: namespace question


EB > See @includenamespaceprefixes on submission.

EB The original question regarded inline instances data under 
EB xforms:instance, NOT xforms:submission. XForms doesn't have support for 
EB excluding namespaces in scope within xforms:instance. What is needed 
EB here is an exclusion mechanism, not an inclusion mechanism.

Yes - I was able to get rid of lots of other unnecessary namespaces by 
specifying which ones I wanted with includenamespaceprefixes="tei de" in 

But I don't know how to make the default namespace empty in the instance, 
instead of inheriting the default namespace of the XHTML document - apart 
from not using a default namespace, and prefixing everything.

To complicate matters, the XForms document is generated by XSLT.

Thanks for the interest on a Friday night.


Received on Friday, 11 July 2008 20:38:07 UTC