Pretty cool talk today; how about switch *inside* select1/select

John, I found the minutes interesting reading.

going back to how we designed repeat,
and then enhanced select/select1 with itemset to do select
controls that picked their choices out of a model, here is a
design pattern that would mimic that direction:

Today, we have:

select/select1 which take either of:

a set of statically authored choices that appear in item/label

A set of dynamic choices that come from the runtime authored via

Today we have so far:

A switch with multiple case elements where one is specifying the
cases in the UI layer:
The analogous extension would be to allow a 
<caseset> element inside switch (I dislike the name but all names
deserve to be converted to opaque digits anyway;-)

Without prejudicing the design based on the name therefore:

A direction to proceed would be to extend switch to cover the
dynamic case just as we extended select/select1 ---

Finally to the teleconf discussion about group vs cae, I've long
felt that case is just syntactic sugar (albeit useful sugar) for group.

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