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Proposed text for simplified submissions, please sent comments

From: <Nick_Van_den_Bleeken@inventivegroup.com>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 16:40:53 +0100
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I updated the text of the sections 'the send Element' and 'The submission 
Element' to reflect the changes I proposed on the telecon of 2008-01-09 
for simplifying the authoring of submissions (Not required to create a 
submission element in the model, reuse the same submission element in 
several send actions but with slightly different submission parameters 
(e.g.: different resources for different search engines)).

Recap of my proposal: Allow the attributes and child elements of 
submission (excluding the actions) on the send action which will override 
the attributes/child elements of the referred submission. If the 
submission attribute is omitted and there is no submission in the the 
model associated with the in-scope evaluation context an implicit 
submission will be created that model.

Adjusted spec text:

10.15 The send Element
This action initiates submit processing by dispatching an xforms-submit 
event. Processing of event xforms-submit is defined in the processing 
model—see 4.3.9 The xforms-submit Event.
Common Attributes: Common, Events, Action Common
Special Attributes:
Optional reference to a submission element. If this attribute is given but 
does not identify a submission element, then the send action has no 
effect. If this attribute is omitted, then the first submission in 
document order from the model associated with the in-scope evaluation 
context is used.If no shuch submission exists, an implicit submission is 
created in the model associated with the in-scope evaluation context.
submission attributes
These attributes if specified will override the attributes specified in 
the referred submission.
If no resource or action was specified on the refered submission the 
resource attribute or child element is required on the send element.
The table below provides an overview of the child elements of the XForms 
send element, including their attributes and content models.

Overview of Attributes
Overview of Content Model
value (string XPath Expression)
value (string XPath Expression)
nodeset (nodeset XPath Expression)
name, value

Note: The same modifications need to be made to the submit action.

11.1 The submission Element
Optional attribute indicating the destination URI for submitting instance 
data. This attribute is required unless the destination URI is provided by 
the resource element, which can dynamically specify the URI based on 
instance data, or the action attribute. This attribute should be used in 
place of the action attribute. Behavior of relative URIs in links is 
determined by the host language, although [XML Base] processing is 
strongly recommended.


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PS: I attached  the spec XML files of the modifications for the people who 
prefer to read spec XML.

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