XForms input-mode script list in Appendix E

Don't want to lose track of this, so forwarding to public list.

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Re: Add scripts to XForms input-mode script list in Appendix E (PR#106)

>Hello Steven,
>Thanks for contacting me. Hope everything is well with you.
>[I cut out the thead because currenty, my mailer seems to have
>occasional weird problems with sending long messages.]
>At 01:30 08/01/10, Steven Pemberton wrote:
>>Hi Martin,
>>Any news on this?
>Well, yes and no. I have to admit that I had the editing token,
>and didn't act on it. I also have to admit that I was a bit demotivated
>by the fact that I did the actual work,

That referred to my earlier creation of a list of script tokens that
needed to be added.

>and it would have been rather
>easy for somebody on your side to contribute, e.g. at least for cross-
>But by chance, I got an idea that I think should meet all our
>concerns in a simple way. What we want to do is to add tokens
>for more scripts. You suggested that we simply say that other
>scripts are also allowed. I responded that because there are
>some irregularities/transformations with spelling, things are
>not so easy. I still believe that to be the case, but I agree
>that having to update the list by hand is work that we should
>try to avoid. The solution to this may be quite easy, actually:
>Use ISO 15924 four-letter script codes.
>As a result, I propose the following changes:
>In E.3.1, Script Tokens
>or similar in whatever version of your spec that's actually affected),
>add at the end of the first paragraph, the following sentence:
>For scripts added to Unicode after version 3.2, use the four-letter
>ISO 15924 script code, with the first letter in upper-case and the
>remaining three letters in lower case.

If we want to add an example, we could do that. Here is a proposal:
Add after the sentence above:

For example, the script token for Tifinagh (used in North Africa)
is Tfng.

>Please add references as you see fit (different specs have somewhat
>differing traditions on how much and what to add as references, but
>here's a list of possible candidates:
>The standard itself, also available on the net at
>The registration authority Web page:
>The list of alphabetical codes:
>- The clause about case is necessary becase these tokens are case-
>  sensitive.
>- There are currently two tokens with 4 letters, namely 'thai' and
>  'user'. But because they are all lower-case, there is no potential
>  for conflict.
>I think this is the fastest and cleanest (including future-proofness)
>way to deal with this issue, and I'm sure that somebody in your
>group can do the editing more quickly and safely than be, but I'd
>be extremely glad to do some proofreading and cross-checking.
>Regards,    Martin.
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Regards,   Martin.

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