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Add model item properties to UI level (Action 2008-01-23.2)

From: <Nick_Van_den_Bleeken@inventivegroup.com>
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2008 14:47:30 +0100
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As most of you know there are two main reasons why I (and I hope, we) want 
to allow model item properties on form controls :

   1. For the easy of authoring when creating simple forms and you are 
using an implicit instance. When you created your form using lazy creation 
but want to add some model item properties (for example types, 
constraints, ...) it would be nice that you just could add those model 
item properties to the form controls without the need to create a model 
element nor a bind element.
   2. When you have a separate model and form UI designer there are cases 
where the UI designer can add extra model item properties to certain 
controls that don't need to be enforced by the model (for example extra 
constraint, stricter type, UI control is read only)

Both these use cases could be solved by creating an implicit model with 
implicit binds. Treating them as implicit binds will allow a smooth 
transition when the need arises for explicit binds (e.g.: bind the id-type 
to all attributes with name id, ...), we can then just merge the implicit 
and explicit binds, the question about if it is allowed and what happens 
when the same MIP is specified multiple times for the same node, should be 
treated separately I think because the same problem can arise when only 
using explicit binds[1].

I can write up some spec ready text for this but I think it would be 
better to talk about at the f2f and see if people agree with those 
implicit binds and that the same MIP specified multiple times on the same 
data node is another feature (this feature may be a requirement to solve 
use case 2).


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