Re: Post Postscript, Re: ACTION NEEDED (Charlie, Nick, Leigh): XForms 1.1 schema update

I would advice the working group to not tie itself down with
intricacies of XML Schemas --- doing that  is at this point an
academic exercise and will significantly disadvantage the work of
this group with respect to keeping pace with what is happening
elsewhere at the W3C. 

Mark Birbeck writes:
 > Hi Leigh,
 > One of the main reasons I started changing the schemas, many moons
 > ago, was to address exactly this problem. As you know, in the course
 > of that I also looked at making them work with XHTML M12N (which
 > involved changes to XHTML M12N itself, and those changes have been
 > incorporated into the specification).
 > So the work to make XForms an XHTML M12N module is largely complete,
 > so the suggestion I made the other day was that it is probably best to
 > do the bare minimum on the current schemas in order to get everything
 > to last call. Of course, people are welcome to try to do more than
 > that with the current schemas -- it's none of my business :) -- but I
 > can say for certain that it will involve quite a lot of work.
 > Regards,
 > Mark
 > On 26/09/2007, Klotz, Leigh <> wrote:
 > >
 > > Are we planning to leave in the botch that everything is defined as a
 > > toplevel element?
 > > I.e. label/help/hint/alert/choices etc. (and even submission, instance)
 > > are all available for the host language to be incorporated anywhere?
 > > At one point we had a request to fix this by making them work only
 > > inside their correct spots, then someone pointed out that that's why we
 > > can do label inside group. What was decided for the modularized schemas
 > > that we're postponing? Do they define all these child elements at
 > > toplevel or do they inhibit their use by the host language?
 > >
 > > Leigh.
 > >
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