Re: ACTION NEEDED ((Erik, Uli): Better Examples for Insert and Delete

John, Erik, all,

I compiled some insert/delete examples. I hope they make a bit sense and
are clear enough for our readers. Please review for errors.

I had a struggle with xmlspec rendering. I couldn't get a table layout
working with example elements. Most of the examples wouldn't fit into a
four-column table anyway.

The examples are broken down to seperate files. These can be included
into actions.xml via entity expansion.


John Boyer wrote:
> We had hoped to get some time on this during the face to face meeting,
> but the last call issues proved too time consuming (though I would
> characterize our progress as outstanding).
> This still leaves us in a precarious position of needing to have the
> spec ready for CR transition before the publication moratorium that will
> precede the tech plenary.  I need you, Erik and Uli, to help out by
> creating that table of better examples for insert and delete.
> The idea is that we need
> 1) a list of the expected common operations
> 2) develop the insert/delete calls for those operations
> 3) a four column table that has the following columns
> i) operation description
> ii) starting data
> iii) insert or delete call
> iv) ending data
> These operations will be potential targets for ease-of-authoring actions
> in XForms 1.2.
> Starting tomorrow, I need you guys to please please please begin
> exchanging some email on the list to work out the above, divide up the
> subtasks and get this done.  We need to have an idea of how long it will
> take given the "one day a week" commitment you and your organization made.
> P.S. Uli, it turns out that it is not Lotus Notes that is messing up the
> accented e at the end of your name, but rather Shane's bug tracker.
> Cheers,
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Ulrich Nicolas Lissť

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