Re: Please close these 11 action items


I closed this action items, this change will be reflected in the next 
revision of the action item list that I'll send after processing the 
minutes of the next call.


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John Boyer <> 
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Please close these 11 action items

Remove "conformance profile" support for dynamic dependencies in UI 


Group and switch are targets for MIP events 

card-number function and datatype 

Use UTC as default for now() when implementation has no timezone info 

Fix now(), local-date() and local-dateTime() 


This action is superceded by another; display representation is the 
correct terminology in Section 8 

Doing something to finish doing nothing :-) 

Fix definitions of single node binding and nodeset binding to allow 
removal of confusing note in eval context section 
Action 2007-02-28.5 

This action on restricting revalidate to datatypes (except during 
submission) was nullified by the WG at the face to face 
Action 2006-05-31.5 

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