Re: [XForms 1.1] i18n comment: IRIs for external schema locations possible? (PR#8)

Hi Felix,

I would like to take this opportunity to provide a little context  for the 
response than that which appeared in the prior response.  I would then 
like to see whether that context helps to make the response more 
satisfactory for now.

First, the spec that we normatively reference, XML Schema 1.0 Second 
Edition, defines xs:anyURI datatype in terms of RFC 2396, RFC 2732, and 
the algorithm in Section 5.4 of XLink [1].  It does not refer to RFC 3987 
at all, as this document came out after XML Schema 1.0 Second Edition. 

The working group decided to defer to a future version upgrading the XML 
Schema engines required by XForms processors and design tools.

And the more important fact, which responds to your response, is that the 
working group decided that upgrading to XPath 2.0 is a future feature 
scheduled for XForms 2.0, so the citation you gave of XPath 2.0 amounts to 
another pointer to a feature that is not within the scope of XForms 1.1. 
In other words, all of this functionality is amounting to requests for 
features that are not in the XForms 1.1 requirements (

So, our response was not rejecting the request, but rather committing to 
adding this issue into the requirements stream of the appropriate version 
of XForms containing numerous requirements related to this request,

Could you let us know if this information makes it possible to accept the 
resolution (understood grudgingly) with the understanding that it is on 
the agenda for our future.

Thank you,
John M. Boyer, Ph.D.
STSM: Lotus Forms Architect and Researcher
Chair, W3C Forms Working Group
Workplace, Portal and Collaboration Software
IBM Victoria Software Lab


Felix Sasaki <> 
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09/18/2007 08:43 AM

Nick Van den Bleeken <>
Re: [XForms 1.1] i18n comment: IRIs for external schema locations 
possible? (PR#8)

Hello Nick again, all,

i18n core discussed your response and my reply at our call today. The 
Working Group endorsed my reply as a Working Group comment.


Felix Sasaki wrote:
> Nick Van den Bleeken wrote:
>> Felix,
>> XForms 1.1 is based on XML Schema 1.0 second ed., which does not 
>> appear to
>> support all IRIs in the xsd:anyURI type. Therefore we will defer the 
>> support of
>> all IRIs to a future version of XForms, which may be based on a 
>> version of
>> schema later than 1.0 that will support all IRIs. 
> There are other specifications which rely on XML Schema 1.0 and also 
> support IRIs. An example are XPath 2 F/O, see 
> :
> [Within this specification, the term "URI" refers to Universal 
> Resource Identifiers as defined in [RFC 3986] and extended in [RFC 
> 3987] with a new name "IRI". [...] Note also that the definition of 
> xs:anyURI is a wider definition than the definition in [RFC 3987]; for 
> example it does not require non-ASCII characters to be escaped.]
> I think the statement above makes clear that your assumption "XML 
> Schema 1.0 second ed., which does not appear to support all IRIs in 
> the xsd:anyURI type. ", is not true.
> Hence, I would disagree with your resolution. We will discuss this 
> issue at our i18n core call next week (18 Sept.) and will provide you 
> with a Working Group reply (which should not stop you from replying to 
> my mail, but please keep public-i18n-core in the loop).
> Felix

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