Re: Candidate Recommendation Transition Request for XForms 1.1

On Monday, November 19, 2007, 3:50:37 AM, Steve wrote:

SB> * This comment:
SB> was rejected by the group and the commenter was unhappy.  We can
SB> talk about this, and the other "editorial" (so marked) comments
SB> that the commenters were not happy about on the call.

I also noted one request for a formal objection.

Its not clear that the objection should be sustained, since for one thing its for a *different spec* and also the current specification does not display the problem that was originally complained about, which was already fixed in XForms 1.1 in fact. The commentor is making a process point here, not a technical one. 

But it should still be discussed and agreed on the call; marking it as user position: 'agree' is odd since the original commentor did not respond.

SB> I'm happy to go forward with a transition call.  Here are times
SB> (US ET) in the coming week that work for me:

SB> Mon 19 Nov: noon - 2pm; 4-5pm
SB> Wed 21 Nov: 11am - 4pm

(I was on vacation that week)

SB> (in China the following week)

I can do any of the times listed below, except Tues 9am-11am and Fri 10-11am.

SB> Mon 3 Dec: noon - 5pm
SB> Tue 4 Dec: 9am - 2:30pm
SB> Wed 5 Dec: noon - 4pm
SB> Fri 7 Dec: any time

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