Proposal for action items that can be marked as closed/supersedsed/lapsed


I went through the action items of all the people that hadn't much action 
items left and of the people that aren't a member anymore. Can you all 
look at your personnel action items and check if you can agree with the 
proposed state changes. If I wrongly marked an action item as lapsed or 
superseded please accept my excuses for that. If you have a bit more time, 
please have a look at the proposed state changes of action items that are 
not assigned to you.

Thank you in advance for having a look at the action items

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PS: Sorry if I didn't scan through your list, I will maybe do it in the 
future if I can motivate myself to scan through the bigger lists of action 

Erik Bruchez 
Erik to propose alternate wording for "acceptable" xpath expression
Erik Clarify pargraph about out ouf range state on select 
susperseded     Action 2007-10-24.5 Erik Bruchez to propose text for 

David Landwehr 
lapsed          Action 2007-03-07.3                      David Landwehr to 
send mail to www-forms and public-xforms about PicoForms' experience with 
implementing XForms Basic. 
susperseded     Action 2006-07-5.8                       David to propose 
erratum about dispatching MIPS from inheritance
susperseded     Action 2006-07-5.6 David to make proposal for an erratum 
to describe the connection between index and focus 

Dave Raggett 
superseded      Action 2006-11-16.4 Dave Raggett to move Forms Tiny 
testbed to Forms WG public pages, including possible wiki pages. 

T.V. Raman 
lapsed          Action 2006-03-16.1  Raman to get Google to watch the W3C 
RSS feed. 
markb, tv to write-up proposal: Allow more complex use-cases for messages. 

Action Raman, Steven, Investigate the issue of binding events from CSS 

Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer 
superseded      Action 2007-04-18.3  Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer to restyle 
main group public page look and feel and move stuff to the wiki. 
lapsed          Action 2007-03-07.4 Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer to write 
some introductory marketing blurb about XForms for later editing by 
interested parties.  
schnitz to deliver new stylesheet 2006-09-14 open 
lapsed          Action 2005-12-15.3 Sebastian to look at harmonising 
XForms appearance + CSS3 appearance and an XForms default stylesheet. 
lapsed          Action 2005-09-08.6 Sebastian to complete the XML edit 

Mark Seaborne 
susperseded     Action 2007-10-03.5 Mark Seaborne to let us know what 
version PicoForms will be testing and get an implementation report for 
XForms 1.0 Basic Profile to Leigh Klotz? 

Kenneth Sklander 
lapsed          Action 2006-07-5.2               Kenneth to make XForms 
Tiny strawman proposal to the WG to kick off e-mail discussion. 
Kenneth to send use-cases and description of problems with current 
lapsed          Action 2005-09-08.13                     Kenneth to 
document how switch/case for actions could be implemented in XForms 1.1 
lapsed          Action 2005-03-01.1 Steven and Kenneth to collect use 
cases for CSS and send to CSS WG (repeat, styling QNames, styling values, 
styling data types) 
superseded      Action 2005-02-10.4 kenneth to add @value to element value 
to xforms 1.1

Nick Van Den Bleeken 
lapsed          Action 2007-06-13.3 Nick van den Bleeken to read and assure that we are 
lapsed          Action 2006 07 26.3 Nick to enter issue: label, value, 
hint, help, alert, message to be treated in a consistent (TBD) way. 

Keith Wells 
lapsed          Action 2005-02-28.24                                    
Jan to do more research on where it is appropriate for <ev:listener> to be 
Action Jan will move <message> out of actions but is not yet sure where 

Charlie Wiecha 
susperseded     Action 2007-06-14.16                                    
Charlie Wiecha to look up lexical and value space for and ...
closed          Action 2007-05-16.1 Charlie Wiecha to contact Ian Jacobs 
and get status on Backplane interest group patent policy. 
lapsed          Action 2007-05-02.3 Charlie Wiecha to reply to with the 
index solution for now, and say that we have added the general case to our 
futures list. 

Forms Working Group 
susperseded     Action 2005-11-09.5  Mark to raise action from resolution 
that the element with repeat attributes is repeated as well as its content 
(made in Dulles?). 
lapsed          Action 2005-11-09.2 Group members to go through XSLT 1.0 + 
2.0, XPATH 2.0 EXSLT functions and choose which functions they would like 
to be added to XForms (1.1?) 
lapsed          Action 2005-11-09.1      HTML + XForms WGs to look at 
XHTML2 + XForms to see where there would be problems in allowing 
everything everywhere 
lapsed          Action 2005-03-17.01                                    
Daniel to basically, add "... nor that all of the script tokens refer to 
an exactly defined set of characters" for clarification 
lapsed          Action 2005-02-17.3              Daniel to add an erratum 
for the schema to declare bind attributes as global attributes that can be 
used in other vocabularies. 
closed          Action 2004-11-12.1 All. When we republish look out for 
conflicts between spec and schema. Everywhere an attribute is defined the 
spec. must say whether it is optional or required. 
closed          Action 2004-10-28.2                      Daniel to alter 
David's erratum for 4.3.4 The xforms-refresh Event, To make clear that 
order of notification events is not specified, and must not be relied on 
by authors. 


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